Oh the irony

I’ve been using the Layout Grid block a lot on this blog; in fact it’s been basically my go-to block for any layout other than plain text. So when I went back to my main site Sneezing Trees in a feverish rush to get more work onto my Showcase section (in support of my Automattic application), I was upset to find the Layout Grid block wasn’t there.

I’d assumed it was in the standard set, but no. Happily it’s available as a plugin, written by… Automattic, who else? That brought a wry smile to my face, but it changed to a puzzled frown when I spotted this: there are more than 60,000 active installations of the Layout Grid Block plugin, and when I went to download it, there wasn’t a single review. Not one!

Well…. I had to, didn’t I? Came late to the party, but I’m the first to leave a review. It might look a bit sucky seeing as I’m applying for a job with them, but seriously – it’s a good little tool that I use the whole time, and it must deserve a thank you from at least one of the 60,000…


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