Two week plan

13 days, in truth, but that doesn’t have the same ring.

New CV – it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these1
Covering letter – or one of these…1.5
Display the WP sites I’ve built in a new Showcase section on my Sneezing Trees site3
Update the two plugins I contributed to the WP Repository2
Do some more research on Automattic, and the Happiness Engineer position, and build a site to see how that all works compared to the sites I’m used to1
Finish off the results and paper from the cart-pole balance problem I tackled using machine learning1
Put that paper and my other machine learning papers in the new Showcase0.5
Add a little video for the cart-pole problem showing how the algorithm learns to balance0.5
Put the first chapter of my Africa book in the Showcase0.5
Add in a post / page on Sneezing Trees about CCNA and display my certification badge0.5
Fiddling around, making mistakes, crises of confidence, unforeseen distractions, etc.1.5

Well, it’s a plan. What’s that quote I like again? Oh yeah:

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans…

Woody Allen

One thought on “Two week plan

  1. One gets immersed in own stuff and forgets to look for inspiration. Just wonderful to see someone who can write a plan for the world to view. Very clever, well thought.


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