Where to begin…

This all started at 3am on a Sunday when I couldn’t sleep. I’d made a plan to start a new career in IT – somewhere, somehow – but something about it was clearly spinning up in my head. So up I got (by now 4am) and wrote a new plan. Not long into following this new plan, for various reasons, I decided to write about it – the whole plan-following thing, that is.

And here we are.


If you’ve not been here before, then none of this will make much sense till you read Why this Blog?

No-one’s forcing you of course; just a suggestion…

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End of Act I

And the curtain comes down on Act I. My project work was well enough received that I was invited for interview – again, super quick, just a couple of days. The interview itself was the first slightly disappointing part of the process. I had always known it was going to be text-based via Slack and… Continue reading End of Act I

Handed in

Handed in my homework – the mini-assignment I was given. Obviously wouldn’t be right to describe it in full to the general public, so here are a couple of general thoughts: I had to do things I’ve never done before and explored tools I’ve never used before. Good! I suspect that’s all part of the… Continue reading Handed in

Game on

Yesterday evening, after an absurd hours-to-words ratio on my CV and covering letter, I killed the monster and flung it at Automattic. This morning I woke up to an email saying I’m through to the next round. Delighted, obviously, do-a-little dance kind of happy – but that was a 6 hour turn-around! A bit taken… Continue reading Game on