Premium it is then

I cracked. When I started I said I’d limit myself to the Personal plan, despite that meaning no custom CSS or plugins. Thing is, I like my taglineOne shot at life
We can’t be sure of that of course, but it seems like the best approach…
, and it’s kind of important it’s there. Without it, I risk coming across as dismissing people who do believe there’s some form of after-life or reincarnation, and that’s not me. There was a time when I was quite strident in my views on religion, but I’ve mellowed – and become a) a lot more open to being proven wrong and b) more accepting that everyone’s different, and we can disagree on lots of things and still get along just fine.

So anyway, I couldn’t do without the tagline, this theme has it firmly set at display: none, I don’t have time to fiddle around adjusting to another theme, I need the custom CSS option, and Premium it is.


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